Subscription Types

How do the subscriptions work in Kinaki?

There are three main types of Subscriptions for Projects and Organizations in Kinaki.

Those types are “Free”, “Paid by Project”, and “Paid by Subscription”.

Free organizations can set up to three Free Projects with up to 5 users. On these projects, it is possible to use only the Project Design Features of Kinaki. These are the Problem Tree, Project Logic and Indicators pages as well as you can access the project Dashboard and Homepage.

Paid Organizations (any organization with at last one paid project) can use a set number of Paid Projects (depending on the contract) and an unlimited number of Free Projects.

The Paid Subscriptions packages come in two basic possibilities, Kinaki Premium with large support provided to you by Salanga and Kinaki Light with limited support. For new clients, we strongly recommend Kinaki Premium.

Please see the Price Calculator in the Kinaki app for more information on pricing and subscription packages. In case you have any more questions about our subscriptions and pricing, please contact the Kinaki team.