Data Collection Tools

Design your survey directly in Kinaki. Link your questions to your indicators, so you know you’re asking all the questions you need.

Use our unique and intuitive drag-and-drop function to set the survey flow, so you’re always asking the right people the right questions.

How do you want to collect your data? With a smartphone or tablet? Online form? Paper survey? You can use all of these with Kinaki.

  • Mobile Apps

    Use our mobile application to collect data on Android devices. Collect data offline; wherever you can take your phone or tablet.

  • Online Form

    Want to email your survey? Create a form and share the link with your respondents.

  • Paper Form

    Download and print your survey in a straightforward fillable form.

Already have your data collected?

Import your data into Kinaki and get started analyzing and creating reports now!

Mobile and online surveys have a looping feature which dynamically repeats a set of questions for a respondent, based on their response to a previous question.

For example, you can ask a respondent how many children they have, the survey tool will then repeat a set of questions for each child the exact number of times you need it.

Now you know how you can collect data with Kinaki. But what kind of data can you collect?

Monitoring and Activity Tracking Data

Create forms and questionnaires to conduct your ongoing monitoring and track the progress of your activities.

Qualitative Data

Need to go beyond the survey? Create a note-taking template for focus group discussions or interviews. Enter notes on your mobile device, online form, or take a picture and upload to Kinaki.

Survey Data

Include qualitative or quantitative questions in your surveys. Kinaki supports almost any question type: single choice, multiple choice, scale, free text entry, GPS coordinates and more.

External Data Sources

Do you need to use government data or data from other external sources to measure your indicators? Enter this data into an online form or talk to us about linking to your data source through API.

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