Problem Tree Free

Use the easy drag-and-drop function to build your problem tree.

Are your problems not hierarchical? Create a problem circle or whatever structure works best for your project.

Project Logic Free

Use the easy drag-and-drop function to build your logic model. Whether you call it a log frame, logical framework, results matrix or performance framework, you can build it in Kinaki.

Do you call your results Outcomes and Outputs? Goals and Objectives? Doesn’t matter, you can customize the vocabulary with just a few clicks.

MEL Design Wizard Free

Stay organized with the MEL Design Wizard! Organize and define your data collection tools in 3 easy steps:

1 - Identify the sources you need to collect data from (e.g. groups of project participants, institutional records etc.).

2 - Identify all of the methods or tools you will use to collect the data.

3 - Match the data source to the method/tool to make sure you have a way to collect all the data needed.

In the Data Collection Table, specify further how often the data will be collected and whose responsibility it is to collect it.

Indicators Free

Create indicators to measure your project's results. The Indicators page is equivalent to the Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) or Logframe. The indicator table is automatically populated with the results you created in the Project Logic step.

Customize the indicator table by removing or adding columns and add indicators or results as needed. Indicators can be connected a specific result or can be featured as stand-alone elements.

Make use of the Indicator Library to explore widely used indicators, save your own indicators to use across multiple projects or share indicators used by specific donors.

Kinaki's Free Tools for Project Design.

Use Kinaki to collaborate with your colleagues on project design. Free forever.