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26 Jun

Feature Focus: Copy Calculation

We are currently working with a group of MEL consultants piloting our first ‘Kinaki Partner Program’. We’ve been learning so much from these discussions, and offer our thanks to Vincent Mageto, MSc for inspiring this post!

Let’s talk about the copy calculation function!

Why use the Copy Calculation function?

When you have many or more complex disaggregations, you can easily replicate them across your indicators – and save time – with the ‘Copy Calculation’ button.

Check out the image below, within this indicator calculation, we have 5+ disaggregations and calculations within each row to calculate the age-range of respondents:

If you have multiple indicators using the same or similar disaggregations, you can save time by using the Copy Calculation button to copy the calculation to another indicator and then editing the calculation after it’s copied.

Where to find the Copy Calculation button

You’ll find the ‘Copy Calculation’ button in the bottom right corner of the ‘Questions and Calculations’ section on the Analyze Data page.

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