Mobile Data Collection

You can collect data with third-party mobile apps through Kinaki. Just follow these steps:

Choose the Data Collection Tool from the top of the page that you want to employ with mobile data collection.  

Select “KoBo/ODK Import” from the “Select Data Collection Tools” tab to export your Questions to excel using the XLS Form format.

This format can be imported to various data collection apps such as from KoBo, ODK, or Survey CTO.

For Kobo/ODK: Click the “Download” button, which will generate your questionnaire in the format required for Kobo/ODK.

It will download as an Excel file which you can then import to Kobo Toolbox/ODK/Survey CTO or similar tool.

You can also import forms that you designed in KoBo Collect or another app using XLS Forms to Kinaki and importing Questions.

To do this navigate to the Questions page and then select “Import Questions From Excel” and “KoBo/ODK Format” and then select the XLS Form to import as questions.

Select “Data import” from the “Select Data Collection Tools” tab to import the files you exported from your data collection app of choice and follow the steps.

To Import from Excel directly, click the button “Import data from Excel” and follow the prompts.

See section Data Import for details on importing data to Kinaki!

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