Edit Collected Data

While a dataset is open under “Active Data Set”, you have the option to make changes to participant responses and your data in general.

If there are responses that need to be changed, select the blue pencil icon next to the specific value (only Project Admins can do this!). You can then make the necessary edits in the pop-out box that appears.

After selecting the corrected response, select “Save” to confirm, or use the red X to reset the response.

When edits are made, the text colour of the corresponding response will change to green. This will help to keep track of where data manipulation has occurred.

Tip: If you don’t see this colour change right away- try refreshing your page!

If you prefer to complete your data edits outside of Kinaki, select “Export Data Set” and download the .xslx file.

To re-submit the corrected data, select “Import Data Set” and upload the .xslx file back into your ”Active Data Sets”.

Heads up! Make sure you archive, delete or submit the old dataset. If you import the new dataset while the old one is still in Active Data Set, the data will merge.

To edit a response of dataset already submitted for analysis, click on the name of this dataset in “Archived Data Sets” to open it as an active dataset again.

This dataset will have to be submitted for analysis again after you have finished your edits.

To permanently remove a sequence of participant data, select the red X next to the corresponding “Result ID”.

To restore a deleted response, click on the green checkmark next to the corresponding “Result ID”.

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