Finalize and Submit Data for Analysis

When you are satisfied with any changes, select “Submit for Analysis” at the bottom of the “Active Data Set” section.

This will make the selected datasets available for the next stage of your project: Analyze Data.

To change which data sets are available, including which data sets have been submitted for review, archived in Kinaki, or currently under review (unsubmitted), select “Manage Data Sets”.

This will show a list of all available data sets within your project that align with the current collection tool.

In this section, use the pencil icon to edit the name of the data set, or the X icon to delete data.

Hint: Any deleted datasets will still be available, just moved to “Archived Data Sets”.

The “restore” function for “Unsubmitted Data Sets” will return the data set to Submitted Data Sets.

Lastly, only organization admins can permanently delete the datasets:

This function is available as x button in the section Unsubmitted Data Sets next to the restore button. Confirmation will be requested.

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