Creating a Logical Flow

To branch the survey based on answers to a question, click on a question and you can select to which questions will lead to different answers.

Only single-choice questions can be used to create survey branching.

We recommend following this order of steps to create branching effectively:

  • First add questions to the flow, without setting up any flow. This means adding in the question without any branching to start. You can then set the following questions to respond to this first question in the flow. Think of it like working backwards, first create the initial question, and then add in the questions that correspond to different single response entries.
  • Next, add in and open the question that will trigger the branching. When selecting an answer, be sure to include where the survey continue if the answer is chosen. Don’t forget to save the question settings!
  • Then, follow this process for all desired branches and review in the flow chart.
  • When you are satisfied, return to the top of the page.

Questions added to the flow are marked by a blue check-mark in the question selector on the left of the page.

In this screenshot, the questions 1, 3, and 5 were added to the survey flow, while questions 2 and 4 were not.

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