Designer Overview

On the Designer page, you can set the order and a logical flow (skip logic) in which the questions will be asked in Kinaki online forms.  

Hint: Only using manual results input or import? Feel free to skip the Designer page.

As a Member, you can view the visuals and see which questions have been added, but only Admins can edit, add or delete questions.

Heads up! The logical flow set in Kinaki is not reflected when exporting the questionnaire for Kobo/ODK /Survey CTO. This is due to Kinaki allows for non-linear logical flow, which is currently not possible to easily reproduce in Kobo/ODK/Survey CTO questionnaire format.

To create a logical flow to be used in Kobo/ODK/Survey CTO, we recommend creating questions in Kinaki (on the Questions page); then order questions on the Designer page in Kinaki, then export the form in Kobo/ODK format and set the logical flow in Kobo/ODK/Survey CTO or similar tool directly.

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