Editing and Adjusting Questions

To edit a question, click on the Result Type option associated with your question.

After this, the “Edit Question dialogue window will appear.

A question can be copied by opening the “Edit Question” dialogue and then clicking “Copy Question” at the bottom of the window.

Remember to stop ongoing Data Collection under the Data Collection Tool to make any changes here!

To Export questions, use copy (ctrl/+ c) and paste (ctrl/+ v) functions to copy desired questions and paste them into an MS Word, Excel or other destination.

If you want take a snapshot or use print function, use the buttons underneath the Questions tab.

You can export questions to Excel for question easy translation into other project languages using the Microsoft’s internal translation services.

Using Kinaki, you can Import questions from excel using XLSForm format.

This function allows you to import questions from an Excel document using the .XLSForm format.

Additional information about the XLSFroms can be found at http://xlsform.org/.

Similarly, Kinaki allows for Importing questions from excel using Kinaki Format. This format allows you to import questions and match them to indicators directly.

To delete a question, click the “xnext to the question name in the questions table and confirm.

Question containing data will appear in the section “Delete Questions”, and the related data for this question will be unavailable unless the question is restored by Project Admin.

Multiple questions can be deleted at once by first ticking the check-box next to the question name and then clicking the “Delete all questions” button that emerges at the top of the table.

Deleted questions that contained data can be restored by Project Admins using the checkmark next to the question name in the Deleted Questions field.

To view translations of questions to other project languages, use the language selector on the top-right of the page.

As a Project Admin, you can then edit those translations to create a translated version of your Questions. Translations can also be imported using the XLS Form format.  

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