Decision Flow: Integrating Kinaki and your Projects

The purpose of this article is to help you decide how to integrate your projects into Kinaki and how to engage project partners in using Kinaki.

The following two “decision flows” can help you identify the features that will be of most use to you and your partners.

(1) Decision Flow: How to bring your projects into Kinaki

Organizations wanting to bring their projects into Kinaki may use different features depending on the level of project details they want to include.

Follow along in the flow-chart to help you decide the best way to bring your projects into Kinaki, and reach out to us for help at any time for assistance.

(2) Decision Flow: Integrating Kinaki with Project Partners

We see a huge benefit to those who are collecting data also engaging with data analysis, but sometimes time and technological constraints mean it is not feasible. Depending on their level of interest and access to internet your project partners may interact differently with Kinaki.

Some organizations have all of their implementing partners using Kinaki (entering data and conducting analysis) with one main office aggregating the data across partners for reporting. However, sometimes organizations’ partners do not want to engage deeply with their data in Kinaki and instead provide the raw data to another partner to import and analyze in Kinaki, or enter project data through Kinaki’s Online Forms.

Check out the flow chart below to help with this decision making process:

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