We want you to be able to use Kinaki for all of your projects’ data, whether it’s quantitative or qualitative.

We’re working hard to make tools for qualitative data available to our users. Read more below to preview the tools we’ve designed to help collect, sort, analyze, store and produce reports with qualitative data.

Data Collection Forms

Design customizable data collection forms for capturing qualitative data (e.g. pictures, stories, observations, notes from interviews and focus groups etc.) offline or online. The forms keep your data organized; allowing you to easily filter through information and find what you need when you begin your analysis.

Add key information (metadata) to your forms, like the location and gender of participants in a focus group, to make the information easy to sort later on. Add boxes and icons where quantitative information can easily be entered, helping you summarize your qualitative data (e.g. the number of people who raised their hands in a focus group or the number of handwashing stations with soap observed).

Filter and Sort your Qualitative Data for Analysis

Easy filtering, sorting and disaggregation feature to find the data relevant to your project indicators.

Identify themes in your data and tag your notes, photos or other documents (whether scanned or typed-in) accordingly to easily find and analyze the data later on. Or simply do a keyword search to find any notes or tags where that word appears.

Use tags to store quotes or pictures to use for analysis or reporting. Use tag clouds or counts of tags to compare various groups of respondents and/or the evolution of their responses over time.

Qualitative Data Storage

Store all your data whether it be photos, reports, or notes from focus groups, interviews or observations.

Add Notes and Analysis to Reports

Add context and depth to your reports by adding your analysis, pictures, quotes, or tag clouds directly into your report. Hide or expand the analysis section of your report depending on your viewer.

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