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Kinaki is a unique and intuitive project design, data collection, analysis, reporting and sharing tool.

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All Mothers and Children Count – Burundi

This project is implemented in Burundi, Mozambique and Tanzania. It aims to address Sustainable Development Goals 3, 3.1 and 3.2: • Ensure healthy lives and More

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What our customers say

David Kozarichuk – David Kozarichuk, Senior M&E Coordinator, ADRA Canada

For us, the best thing about Kinaki is that it serves as a central data repository between ourselves, the implementing partner, the donor, and any consultants we use. This greatly increases the transparency, accountability, and communication between all parties involved. Additionally, Kinaki’s reporting feature allows us to have consistent reporting year after year and significantly reduces the amount of time involved in calculating performance management indicators. All-in-all we are very happy with our Kinaki experience.[March, 2016]

Lenka Dobias-Cerna – Independent Evaluator

I used Kinaki with my team in spring 2014 to evaluate a $2,6 million dollars of CIDA funded project in Rwanda for 6080 households. Having data in one place, easily accessible and understandable, helped us greatly in the preparation phase and served as a valuable basis for further research in the field during the evaluation. We used Kinaki also for the baseline and endline surveys comparison analysis. Kinaki was very easy to learn and use, served as a professional tool.

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