Our goal is to make Kinaki accessible to organizations of all sizes and budgets. Find the plan that works best for you. 

  • Monthly
  • Annually



(No Credit Card Needed)

  • 3 Users Per Organization
  • 0.5 GB Storage Per Project
  • Limited Access to Features
  • 3 Free Projects**
  • Tech Support: Email + Live Chat + Knowledge Hub


$199Per Project Monthly*

(Pay Annually for a 15% discount)

  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 GB Storage per Project
  • Full Access to Features per Paid Project
  • Paid Active + 3 Free Projects**
  • Tech Support: Email + Live Chat + Knowledge Hub



(Available only as Annual Payment)

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage per Project
  • Full Access to Features
  • Unlimited Number of Active Projects***
  • Tech Support: Email + Live Chat + Knowledge Hub


$Contact us for Pricing

All Unlimited Features Plus:

  • Customization
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Optional Single Tenant Hosting
  • Custom Integration with Kobo, Tableau, Power BI & other apps via API
  • Customized Support

Use the Free plan to design your Programs or Projects and document progress with features like:

Use the Project plan to collaborate with your whole team across the full timeline of your Programs and Projects with features like:

Use the Unlimited plan to manage MEAL for your whole organization, never be limited by the number of Projects or Programs:

Use the ENTERPRISE plan to integrate Kinaki into your organization’s processes and workflow:

The above listed pricing is suitable only for projects with a total value under $12,000,000 CAD. For projects above this amount, a Enterprise Subscription and  agreement with pricing based on the project value will be arranged. Contact community@kinaki.ca.

*Plus applicable taxes.

**Free Projects do not have access to the full suite of Kinaki’s features. Paid projects under the Project plan have access to all of Kinaki’s features. View the full list of features.

***The Unlimited number of projects within the Unlimited Plan applies only to a single legal entity (e.g. one organization). If a project is shared with another organization, or created on behalf of another organization, the Kinaki Subscriber with the Unlimited Plan has to be engaged in this project financing or implementation (e.g. cannot create project in Kinaki for another organization).

Learn more about pricing in the Knowledge Hub.