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28 Apr

Latest Updates and Fixes Jan-April 2023

We’ve been making lots of updates and fixes in Kinaki this year.

We asked our team which updates they’re most excited about. Here’s what they had to say:

“You can now upload multiple pictures to an online form. I’m excited about this latest update because I think it will make a big difference for our partners who are tracking training participants or taking pictures of information they’re collecting on paper (which is often multi-page documents). Now they can take pictures of each page and include them in their submission of an Online Form.”

Jakub Nemec, Executive Director and Co-Founder

“We’ve been working to improve the data import process. It’s a complicated feature in Kinaki since there are so many variables in importing data (i.e where did you get the data from, have you added new questions, renamed questions, added new answers etc.). Also some of the software our partners use for offline data collection were going through some updates and experiencing some bugs, which made the data they exported harder for Kinaki to read.

We’ve made a number of updates to the data import process that will make is easier to import data from these other data collection tools. This is a feature that needs to be adaptable and our users reporting their experience has really helped to improve it.”

David Valenta, Data Scientist

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