Registration and Accepting Invitations

How do I register or accept an invitation to Kinaki?

  • If you were invited to use Kinaki, use the link sent to you by email and continue by filling in the registration form.
  • If you have not been invited to use Kinaki, simply click the “Start Now” button on the Kinaki web page and continue by filling in the registration form.

Steps to take when registering:

  • Fill in the registration form: Fill in all the information required to the registration . All the information shown in this form must be filled in to be able to continue. Furthermore, you must agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you provide your agreement by checking the checkbox in this form.
  • Confirm your email address: To confirm your email, go to your mailbox, open the email sent to you by Kinaki email and use the link to confirm your email address.
  • Log in: You can find the login form by clicking “Log in” on the Kinaki page. To log in fill in your email and the password you selected.
  • You can now use Kinaki!
  • Setting up security questions: After several minutes you will be asked to set up a security question. You can also do it in the Settings / My Account. The Security Questions are used when you forget your password.
Kinaki Registration (without being invited)

For information on how to log in or what to do when you forget your password please refer to this page.