Project Logic

What you can do on this page:

  • Adjust levels of Project Logic
  • View Problem Tree
  • Build the logic of your project.
  • Change colours of Project Results
  • Show full/excerpt statements of Project Results
  • Comment on the Project logic and collaborate with your team on Project Design




Tip: Project logic is same as Logic Model or Logical Framework and similar labeles.

What can project Member do:

  • View Project Logic
  • View full statements of Excerpts of Project Results
  • Export Project logic to Excel or PDF
  • View side-by-side Problem Tree next to the Project Logic
  • Comment and Reply to comments

What can project Admin do:

1. Adjust number and titles of Project Logic Levels (e.g. Ultimate Outcome / Intermediate Outcomes / Immediate Outcomes / Outputs etc.). Go to Settings.

2. In Settings, you can adjust the names of existing levels (click on the level name), you can add a new level and change order of the levels by drag and drop function.