Data Collection Tools

What are the Data Collection Tools about?

Data Collection Tools are essential property of your project in Kinaki. They can be understood as the “specific ways you collect your data”.  Examples can be “Household Survey”, “School District Board Data”, “Focus Group Discussion With Program Participants” or “Supply Distribution Data”.

In Kinaki, every Indicator must have a Data Collection Tool assigned. It is also possible to assign a second Data Collection Tool to an Indicator, this allows you to collect verification data.

On Questions and Designer pages you can design you Data Collection Tools, and on pages Data Collection and Data Management you can manage the data collection and the resulting datasets.

Tip: Your Data Collection Tool is meant to be used repetitively. Therefore, if you wish to collect two rounds of household survey, say a baseline and an endline, name your Data Collection Tool ‘Household Survey’ rather than ‘Baseline’ as only one is data collection tool is needed for both rounds.

How to find the Data Collection Tools?

You can create and manage your Data Collection Tools by clicking on the “Data Collection Tools” button at the top of the table on the Indicators page.

What can you do on this page?

Only Project Admins can access this page.

As a Project Admin

  • Add new Data Collection Tools
  • Edit Data Collection Tools
  • Delete Data Collection Tools

Waning: Deleting Data Source can lead to a permanent loss of data!

Data Collection Tool types


Survey is the general data type that enables you to collect data using the Kinaki mobile app, online forms, paper forms, or to import the data from an Excel file. Currently, Survey and External Data types allow you the same possibilities.

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking allow tracking individuals within your data. Possible data input methods are the same as for Survey and External Data types.

Qualitative Data

Qualitative Data type allows you to design qualitative data tools that are to be collected using the Kinaki mobile app or paper forms.

External Data

External Data type allows you to import quantitative data as well as to input them using online forms or mobile phones. Currently, Survey and External Data types allow you the same possibilities.

Manual Results Input

Manual Results Input allows you to input the results for your indicators manually. Use this type if you want to input results from your previous project monitoring tool.

Adding Data Collection Tools

To add a new Data Collection Tool click on the bottom “+ Data Collection Tools” above the list of the data collection tools. In the window that opens, you can fill in the details of the Data Collection Tool to be added. All the fields are mandatory. To find out more about the types see Data Collection Tool Types on this page. Into the frequency field you fill in the information about how often this data collection tool should be used, this could be for example “Quarterly” or “Baseline, midterm and endline”.

Editing Data Collection Tools

To edit a Data Collection Tool, click on its name in the list.

Deleting Data Collection Tools

To delete a Data Collection Tool, click the x button on the right from its name and confirm. Data Collection Tool with Indicators Assigned to it cannot be deleted. Please beware that deleting a Data Collection Tool can lead to a loss of the data already collected.