What is the Organization Settings page about?

On the Organization Settings page, you can manage the details of your organization, as well as the projects and users in it.

What can you do on this page?

You can only access this page if you are Organization Admin of the selected organization.

As an Organization Admin

  • Edit name, country and description of your organization
  • Add projects
  • Delete projects
  • Invite users to join the organization
  • Remove users from the organization
  • Change the admin status of the users in the organization

Editing Name, Country and Description of your organization

To edit name, country, or description of your organization, use the “Edit” button, make the change and confirm using the “UPDATE” button.

Adding projects

You can add a new project using the “+ Project” button above the list of the Projects. The newly created project will be a Free Project until the status changes. If your organization is paying for Kinaki, you can add an unlimited number of free projects. If you are using the free option of Kinaki, you can only add 3 projects. For more details visit the Subscriptions page of the Kinaki guide.

Deleting Projects

To delete a project, click the “x” next to the project’s name. To ensure you do not delete a project accidentally, after clicking the “x” button, you will be asked to fill in the name of the project and to confirm the deletion.

WARNING: Deleting a project will lead to a permanent loss of the data. Please think twice before deleting a project and make sure that you have all the necessary information backed up.   

Inviting user to join the organization

To invite someone to join your organization, click “+ Invite” above the list of the users. Fill in an email of the one you wish to invite, select the project you want this person to be in and confirm by clicking “Add”. By checking “Organization Admin” and “Project Admin” you can directly give Admin rights to the invited.

Removing the user from the organization

To remove the user from an organization, click on the “x” next to the user’s name in the list of users. To make sure you do not do this by mistake, you must type in the name of the user and confirm by clicking the “Confirm” button. Deleted users will be deleted from all the projects in your organization, this action will not affect their membership in other organizations or project.

Changing the admin status of the users in the organization

To change whether a user is an Organization Admin, or not, click on the user’s name in the list of users. Once clicking on the user’s name, the name, email, and list of the projects the user is in will appear above the list of users. To change the status of the user check or uncheck the checkbox “Organization Admin” below the user’s name and confirm with the button “Update”.