User Types and User Rights

What are the User Rights Types in Kinaki?

There are four Account Types / User Rights in Kinaki. The Organization Admin, Project Admin, Member, and Donor. Base on the account types the users can

A single user can have different roles for different projects or different organizations. This means that for example, one user can be Project Admin in one project but only Member in another one.

User types can be set by Project Admins on the Project Settings page or by Organization Admin on the Organization Settings page.

What can the users with different rights do?

Below you can find a brief overview of what rights do different types of users have. To find out about the rights in more detail refer to the Help pages of the specific pages of Kinaki.


  • Members can view all the Project features, however, cannot generally change these
  • Members can create Personal Indicators and their calculations to independently analyze the project’s data

Project Admin

  • Can generally change all the Project’s features (such as Indicators, Calculations, or Reports)
  • Can add or delete users in the Project
  • Can change the Project details

Organization Admin

Except for having the same rights as Project Admin for all the Projects within the given organization, the Organization Admin can:

  • Add or delete users from the organization
  • Change user rights within the organization
  • Edit the details of the organization
  • Change status of a project to Paid (if the organization’s subscription conditions allow this)


  • Can only view reports within the Project