Questions for Data Import

For Data Import, Questions are used to connect Indicators to pieces of a data collection tool, such as with a survey.

These do not need to be created with Kinaki, as they can be included through the import process. 

Using Kinaki, you can Import questions from excel using XLSForm format. 

This function allows you to import questions from an Excel document using the .XLSForm format. 

Additional information about the XLSForms can be found at

It is recommended that you import questions with your first full dataset import during Data Collection. This will help to minimize incompatible questions and will include only relevant responses.

Importing questions separately can be done with an empty dataset, containing only the columns (with detailed headers) with their respective alignment for each question, as well as their question type and potential responses.  

Questions included with this DCT method (imported with data or as a questions file) may require some edits. Only responses that have been included in the dataset will be available. 

Similarly, you may also need to edit the Question Type. To learn more about Question Type, visit this Questions page

To complete analysis for this data, you will need to attach the newly created questions to an indicator.

This is not necessary for all indicators but can be a helpful tool to identify which questions in your data import align with different values. 

Once you have saved your work, questions will appear during Data Analysis

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