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If you already have your results and just want to enter them manually, assigning set values to your indicators within your data collection tool (DCT), you can use the Manual Results Input forms. 

Bringing results only or “Manual Results Input” is a great way to bring results into Kinaki if your data is aggregated elsewhere. For example, if a partner aggregates activity data outside of Kinaki and records the results in Kinaki quarterly. Or if you’ve started using Kinaki mid-way through a project, you may want to enter the results of previous reporting periods using Manual Results Input.

Project and Organizational Admins can create Manual Results Input forms in Kinaki and then share a URL link with others to record data. Similar to Online Forms, the URL link may be public, password protected or require you to log-in to Kinaki to complete the form. Access to the internet is required to fill out the table.

The form looks like a table where you enter results for the indicators assigned to this Data Collection Tool. It is different from Online Forms where you answer individual questions and go through a questionnaire page-by-page, here you see the full data-entry table on one page. See the example below:

Analysis can be done outside of Kinaki, including from existing or historical data, while still being used for Kinaki reports or program aggregation. 

Note: Unlike other data collection methods, Manual Results Input forms must be set during MEL Design.

To do this go to “Design Project” then to the “MEL Design” tab. Open the Data Collection Tool that you will be using to input results manually OR create a new data collection tool and select “Manual Results Input” as the Data Collection Tool type from the different “tool types” available in the menu. Fill in the remaining details. You will have to go to the “Indicators” page to assign the Data Collection Tool to the appropriate indicators, this step will be covered in the following articles.

Once you have set the Data Collection Tool type, move ahead to the Collect Data page to start building your Manual Results Input form

Building Results Input Form:

  1. Go to “Collect Data” on the Main Menu (step 1)
  2. Make sure you have the correct Organization and Project selected on the top menu (step 2)
  3. Select the data collection tool you want to make into a Manual Results Input form from the Data Collection Tool Selector (Step 3).
  4. Select “Bring Results Only” as the data collection method. Tip: This can be changed later if you wish to switch to another method of bringing data to Kinaki. (Step 4)
  5. Then click on the “Select” button. (step 5)

Note: Unlike other data collection methods, you will only be able to select “Bring Results Only” if you have selected “Manual Results Input” as the Data Collection Tool Type on the MEL Design Page (under “Design Project”).

Now that you have set your DCT type and method, continue exploring the remaining articles in this section to learn more about how to setup your form and input data. 

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