Project Activity Forms

Once you have set up your activities in Kinaki (either through your project logic or through output indicators), you can then set up your Activity Tracking online form on the Questions page.

This is where you decide what you want to ask in your tracking form.

It could be as simple as “Who is reporting this?”, “What is the date?”, “What is the status of this activity?” – (with the choices being Planned, Ongoing, Completed, In Progress, or Delayed, for example).

When it is easy to use and quick to fill out, your project staff will thank you!

When it is easy to use and quick to fill out, your project staff will thank you!

Then, you can move on to the design of the form on the Designer page.

The Questions you have created will appear on the left – and you can use the handy drag-and-drop functionality of Kinaki to move the questions into the order you want them.

You can also use functions like branching – meaning the question can split off into different questions, depending on the respondent’s answer (looks sort of like a tree roots!).

On the Data Collection page is where you will check off “online form” and publish the link, which can be copied and sent to all your project staff to use to fill out.

Finally, collect your data using the forms you created. This means checking out what forms your project staff have submitted on the frequency you’ve requested, and saving them as a unique dataset you can upload for analysis.

Remember, that beside collecting the activity status (e.g. planned, ongoing, completed etc.), you can also collect a short narrative providing more inside into the activity status. That means asking a question with a blank text box that your project staff can fill out with any comments or details when they submit their form.

On the Analyze Data page, you can add more qualitative/narrative analysis to each individual Activity Indicator, which is great to see when you go to create your activity reports!

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