Log in, Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

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On the Kinaki Sign in page, enter your email and password

If you are on a paid account, you will have 2-factor authentication set up and will need to check your email to get the access code.  

Organization admins may also be asked to confirm their identify with a 2-factor authentication code sent to their email address as well. 

Resetting Passwords

If you have forgot your password, no problem! Just click on “Forgot your password?” on the Kinaki Login Page.  

You will be asked your security question(s) and when you answer correctly, a link will be sent to your email account to reset your password.  

If you forgot the answer to your security questions, please contact us at community@kinaki.ca and we’ll help you out! 

If your account is blocked from three unsuccessful sign-in attempts – please contact us as well. 

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