Managing Data Collection Tools

To add a new Data Collection Tool, click “add new” at the bottom of the page. Fill out the fields you need within the pop-out box. Frequency means how often this data collection tool should be used, for example “Quarterly” or “Baseline, Midterm and Endline”.

To edit a Data Collection Tool, click on its name in the list or the Edit box with the pencil icon beside it, and edit the information you need within the pop-out box.

To delete a Data Collection Tool, click the “x” on the right from its name and confirm. If the Data Collection Tool has Indicators assigned to it, it cannot be deleted- however, you can delete it if you change the indicators assigned to it. If personal indicators that are assigned to this Data Collection Tool will now be unconnected, a new Data Collection Tool will have to be assigned to those indicators in the future.

Check out Chapter 2 of this video to learn more!

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