Adding Indicators to Project Reports

Now that you have created a report, you can select which indicators you would like to see the results for. You can do this in two ways – 1. Adding a single indicator to multiple reports from the Analyze Data page, or, 2. Adding multiple indicators at once to a single report through the Organize Report tab. If you prefer, you can also start by selecting your datasets. See Adding Datasets to Project Reports.

The first way is to add a single indicator from the Analyze Data page to many reports:

• On the Analyze Data page, from the Main Menu on the left-hand side of your page (above Reports), Select the appropriate Data Collection Tool from the bar at the very top of the page (it’s right beside the Organization and Project that you are in).

Select the indicator you want to include in your report. Only the indicators that are collected by that certain data collection tool will appear for you to choose from.

• Choose your calculations, and then press “Calculate Results”. If you are happy with the calculation, you will need to click “Save Indicator” to add it to your report! Need to review how to choose and set calculations? See our Analyze Data section of the User Guide for details.

• Click on “Add to Report”, at the bottom right hand side of your page. (If the “Add to Report” button is grey, that means you haven’t yet clicked “Save Indicator” above.

• In this window, select all the reports to add this indicator to.

• You cannot remove indicators from reports from the Analyze Data page – you must do this from the “Edit Report” Settings on the Reports page, under “Organize Report” (we’ll go over that in the second way below!).

• The second way to add indicators to your report is through the “Organize Report” tab, where you can add many indicators at once to a single report. You can also remove indicators from reports from here!

• Ensure you are in the report you want to add to by selecting it from the row of available reports along the top of the page.

• Click on “Edit Report” from the top right side of the page, this will take you to the “Report Settings”.  

• Then click on the “Organize Report” tab.

• Then select the “+ Add Indicators” button.

• You can then select the indicators you want to add to the individual report and confirm by clicking “+ Add Selected Indicators” at the bottom of the window.

Alternatively, if you want to include all the indicators – just click “+ Add All Indicators”.

Now that you’ve identified the Indicators in your Report, it is necessary to link data in the report.

If your Indicators appear with incorrect values, you may need to change the format under “Show Results as” under Organize Report while customizing your project report.

Well done! Your project report is looking great!

Check out Chapter 2 of this video to learn more!

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