Adapting the Indicator Table

To adjust names of the columns of the indicator table, click the “COLUMNS” button above the table. You can edit the name of a column by clicking the pencil-styled button next to the column’s name.

To add a custom column, click the “COLUMNS” button above the table. You can add a custom column by clicking “Add new Custom Field” on the right side of the window.

To delete a custom column, click the X next to the box with its name.

Be aware: deleting custom column will lead to loss all the information in it! It can be renamed using the edit (pencil) button next to the box with its name.

To reorder or hide the columns of the indicator table, click the “COLUMNS” button above the table. You can reorder the columns by dragging the box with the column’s name to the desired position. You can hide or show the column by clicking the eye-styled button.

To create translations of your indicators, you first need to have multiple languages added to your project. See the Project Settings page for advice how to do so.

• To view the different language versions of the Indicators, use the language selector on the top-right.

Translations can be manually created by clicking the edit (pencil) button on the selected item and changing the text. You can add the translated name to the column’s heading by directly naming it in the two languages (i.e. to name it for example “Indicator Name / Nom de l’indicateur”)

To export the Indicators, use the “Export” button above the Project Logic on the left, where you can select whether you prefer to export the table as a PDF or as an Excel file. An alternate way is to copy the indicator table using “Ctrl+C” and use “Ctrl+V” to paste it in Excel. This alternate method can also be used if you face errors or issues when using the “Export” button

A New project result can be added using the “+ NEW RESULT” button above the Indicators table. Project Results can be organized, added, edited, or deleted on the Project Logic page.

You can comment on the Indicator page at the bottom, just like on the other pages.

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