Project Settings

On the Project Settings page, you can change the details and status of your project, edit languages, manage the users and share the project with another organization. Only those who have Project Admin status of the selected project or an Organization Admin of the selected Organization can access this page.

Editing details of the project

To edit Name, Countries, Description, Theme, Budget, Currency, or Donor of the project, use the “Edit” button next to the name of the project and then select “UPDATE”.

Changing languages of the project

To edit the languages used in your project, use the “Edit” button next to the name of the project, select the required languages in the field “Languages” by starting to type the name of the translated language and clicking on it once it appears below, then select “UPDATE”. This step can be used to add manual translations on certain pages.

Managing users from your organization in the project

To add an existing user from your organization to a specific project, click the “+ User”. You can then select the user to be added and the membership type (project admin or member).

To invite someone new to join your project, click “+ Invite” above the list of the users. Add their email and check “Project Admin” if you wish the new user to be a Project Admin. The invited user will automatically be added to your organization as well.

To remove the user from the project, click on the “Remove from Project” next to their name and click “Confirm”. The removed users will continue being members of other projects within your organization.

To change the status (project admin/member) of the user, click on the user’s name and the membership details will appear. You can select the required status and click “Update”.

Sharing the project with another organization

To share a project with another organization, click “Share” next to the name of the project, and enter the name of the organization.

The organization will have ‘View Only’ abilities unless you select “Allow Edit” to let the organization have editing privileges to the project.

Tip: You can use the Share Project function to create complex organizational structures. For example, you can have an umbrella organization which can oversee projects created by several local branches.

Click “Request Sharing” and your request will be sent to the Kinaki Team to finalize the sharing of your project.

In special cases, it is also possible to request creating a copy of a project. Get in touch using to explore.

Video: Settings Tutorial

Check out Chapter 4 of this video to learn more!

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