Subscription Types

There are three main types of Subscriptions for Projects and Organizations in Kinaki:  

Free organizations can set up to three free projects that can include up to 5 users in each.

• On these projects, you can use all the Project Design features – which includes the Problem Tree, Project Logic and Indicators pages, as well as the homepage and project dashboards. 

Paid Organizations can use a set number of Paid Projects (depending on the contract) and an unlimited number of Free Projects, and unlimited users for those projects.  

Paid by Subscriptions packages are either Kinaki Premium or Kinaki Light.

• The difference between these is related to the amount of support provided to you by the Kinaki/Salanga team.

• You can check out the options in the Kinaki Pricing and contact us at to discuss what option is best for you and your team!  

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