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Kinaki Online Forms allow you to design a custom data collection tool that can be accessed online.

These tools can range from surveys to activity tracking and allow project staff or participants to enter individual responses that will be collected into a single dataset.  

Kinaki Online Forms work just like surveys and forms seen with other common services.

Project and Organizational Admins can create Online Forms in Kinaki and then share a URL link with others to record data (a separate link can be generated for each project language). The URL link may be public, password protected or require you to log-in to Kinaki to complete the form. If you are a Project Member you can not set-up the Online Form.

The design process for these forms is highly customizable! you can import or create custom questions to attach to indicators, select which items to include and design a logical progression for your form.

Start Building the Online Form

  1. Go to “Collect Data” on the Main Menu 
  2. Make sure you have the correct Organization and Project selected on the top menu 
  3. Select the data collection tool you want to make into an Online Form from the Data Collection Tool Selector. You will choose it from the drop down menu 
  4. Select “Kinaki Online Form”  as the data collection method. Tip: This can be changed later if you wish to switch to another method of bringing data to Kinaki
  5. Then click on the “Select” button

The following articles in this series will go over the process of creating and launching the Online Form in detail; adding questions, designing the form, setting the logical flow of questions, data collection and data management.

To learn how to work with Kinaki Online Forms, follow along with this section!


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