Set Logical Flow for Kinaki Online Forms

On the Set Logical Flow tab, you can set the order and a logical flow (skip logic) in which the questions will be asked in Kinaki Online Forms.  If you are going to collect data only using the manual results input or data import, you do not need to use this designing process. 

The logical flow set in Kinaki is not reflected when exporting the questionnaire for Kobo / ODK / Survey CTO.

This is due to to the fact that Kinaki allows for non-linear logical flow, which is currently not possible to easily reproduce in Kobo/ODK / Survey CTO questionnaire format. 

To create a logical flow to be used in Kobo / ODK / Survey CTO, we recommend creating questions in Kinaki (on the Questions page); then order questions on the Design Form page, and exporting the form in Kobo/ODK format and set the logical flow in Kobo/ODK/Survey CTO or similar tool directly.  

As a member, you can view the visuals and see which questions have been added, but only Project Admins can edit, add or delete questions 

➤ Add Question to Online Form

To add a question to a survey, click on it in the question selector and while holding your mouse left button, drag it on the arrow in the position you want it in the flow. Please make sure that your cursor is directly on the arrow (this is indicated by the arrow turning into orange colour). 

You can also click on the arrow where you want the question to be and then select it in the window that appears. 

You can even add one questions multiple times to the same survey to create additional branching or complex survey flow. If the question was already displayed to the respondent and answered, Kinaki will not display the question again, but will send the respondent to the proper branch.

➤ Delete or edit a question in an online form

1. To delete the question from the flow, click on the question the graphical representation of the flow and then the orange button “Delete” in the window that appeared. 

2. To change the order of the questions in the flow delete the question from the flow and add it again to a different position. 

➤ Create a Logical Flow

1. To branch the survey based on answers to a question- click on a question and you can select to which questions will lead to different answers. Only single-choice questions can be used to create survey branching. 

2. We recommend following this order of steps to create branching effectively: 

  • First add questions to the flow, without setting up any flow (this means the question, before the branching, all questions that will engage in the branching and the question or questions that are immediately after the branching (landing question(s) ). 
  • Then open the question that will trigger the branching and for answer select, where should the survey continue if the answer is chosen). Don’t forget to save the question settings. 
  • Then follow this process for all desired branches and review in the flow chart. 

3. Questions added to the flow are marked by a blue check-mark in the question selector on the left of the page.

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